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Mobius Pro-Maid Lens Cleaner

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The innovative MOBIUS Promaid Lens Cleaning Cloth is an ultramodern concept i.e. lens cleaning cloth concealed in an ultra-soft pouch and is the perfect way to safely maintain and clean your:

  • Spectacles.
  • Mobile Screen.
  • Tablet and Laptop Screen,
  • Watch Dial,
  • Camera Screen and Lenses
  • Binocular optics.

The 6 x 6" cloth conveniently folds into its own attached ultra-soft stuff bag. This makes it ideal to always have it hooked on your trouser loop or backpack.

Dimension (HxWxD) (In Inches)

External - 9.5x7x3.


Inner : Ultra Soft Lens Cleaning Cloth.
Outer : Neoprene.